Wecryl Surface Protection System OS 11b (OS F)

Brief description

The Wecryl Surface Protection System OS 11b (OS F) is a high‐quality and flexible PMMA waterproofing system that is approved in accordance with the DAfStb guideline on the "Protection and repair of concrete components” and in accordance with ZTV‐ING – part 3 – section 4 "Protection and repair of concrete components". That makes this surfacing system (wear‐resistant, pre‐filled surface protection system and finish sealer) ideal as a surface protection layer with improved dynamic crack bridging properties for areas subject to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The surface design can feature a wide range of colours as well as patterns or markings. The fact that this system, with its high bonding strength on almost any substrate, is applied as a liquid kit makes it a cost‐efficient and high‐ quality solution, especially for the refurbishment of multi‐storey car parks.

Areas of application

Surface protection and waterproofing of concrete structural components with separating near‐surface cracks and or separating cracks and regular mechanical stress

Pedestrian and vehicle traffic   

Internal deck and floor slabs of multi‐storey car parks ‐ Bridge caps

Properties and advantages

  • Highly flexible and crack‐bridging even at temperatures as low as and including ‐20 °C (crack bridging class B 3.2)
  • Class OS 11b (OS F) approval according to the guideline for the protection and repair of concrete components issued by the German Committee on Reinforced Concrete (DAfStb), October 2001 
  • Class OS 11b approval according to the DAfStb guideline "Maintenance of concrete components", Yellow Paper, June 2016 ‐ ZTV‐ING ‐ part 3 ‐ section 4 "Protection and repair of concrete components” approval 
  • No embedded fleece or mesh required
  • Very high resistance to chemicals, e.g. petrol (72 hours)
  • Suitable for heavy duty (vehicles, foot traffic)
  • Fully bonded to the substrate, therefore no flow paths underneath for water
  • Can be applied to almost any substrate
  • Permanently weather‐resistant (resistant to high and low temperatures, UV rays, hydrolysis) 
  • Resistant to most commonly used acids and alkali solutions
  • Wide range of design options (colour finish, road markings etc.) 
  • Solvent‐free
  • Fast and easy application


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