Wecryl Roof Waterproofing System

Brief description

The Wecryl roof waterproofing system is specifically designed as a highly durable waterproofing system for flat, non-used roofs.

Since it is applied as a liquid, it creates a seamless waterproofing system in which even the most complex roof penetrations can be reliably and durably incorporated. It is also extremely weather-resistant, crack-bridging, flexible at low temperatures and its surface can be finished in any desired colour.

Areas of application

The Wecryl roof waterproofing system is used for creating a highly durable waterproofing membrane on non-used flat roofs in new build developments and for refurbishment. The system is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial properties or for garages – wherever secure waterproofing with a long service life is desired.

Properties and advantages

Seamless waterproofing with fleece reinforcement

Liquid application ensures seamless incorporation and secure waterproofing of the most complex upstands

Highly flexible and crack-bridging even at extreme sub-zero temperatures

Permanently weather-resistant (resistant to high and low temperatures, UV rays, hydrolysis)

Resistant to most commonly used acids and alkali solutions

Fully bonded to the substrate, therefore no flow paths for water

Easy and fast application

Can also be applied at sub-zero temperatures

Can be applied to almost any substrate


European approval (ETA) as roof waterproofing membrane with CE marking

Root-resistant in accordance with FLL

Resistant to spreading fire and radiant heat in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1, -5 with classification BROOF(t1) and E

Hard roof within the meaning of the national and regional building regulations


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