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Synthetic-fibre fleece for waterproofing resins

Brief Description

WeFleece sections are made from a synthetic-fibre fleece specially designed for use with WestWood PMMA waterproofing resins. During the application of waterproofing resins, they they allow for uncomplicated waterproofing with less effort of internal and external corners as well as pipe penetrations. They also serve as a layer thickness control and in the cured waterproofing they have a reinforcing and crack-bridging effect.


Mechanically strengthened and heat-set synthetic-fibre fleece with a weight per unit area of 110 g/m²

RAL colours

WeFleece sections
is available in the following standard colours:



WeFleece sections are used as reinforcement on complicated geometric shapes and structural components with WestWood waterproofing resins to create high-quality, flexible and crack-bridging waterproofing systems.

Properties and advantages

  • fast and easy waterproofing of internal and external corners as well as pipe penetrations
  • High tear strength and tear propagation resistance
  • High extensibility
  • Specially designed for use with WestWood waterproofing resins in terms of material properties, thickness and degree of density
  • Facilitates easy and reliable application of waterproofing with layer
  • thickness control function


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