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Synthetic-fibre fleece for waterproofing resins

Brief Description

WeFleece (perforated) is a synthetic-fibre fleece with a grid print, specially designed for use with WestWood PMMA waterproofing resins. The fleece helps to control the layer thickness when applying waterproofing resins and also has a strengthening and crack-bridging effect in the hardened waterproofing layer. The perforation woven into the fleece ensures superior fleece saturation.


Mechanically strengthened and heat-set, perforated synthetic-fibre fleece with a weight per unit area of 110 g/m²

RAL colours

WeFleece (perforated)
is available in the following standard colours:



WeFleece (perforated) is used as reinforcement and to ensure a minimum layer thickness for WestWood waterproofing resins to create high-quality, flexible and crack-bridging waterproofing systems.

Properties and advantages

  • High tear strength and tear propagation resistance
  • High extensibility
  • Specially designed for use with WestWood waterproofing resins in terms of material properties, thickness and degree of density
  • The 5x5 cm and 10x10 cm grid prints facilitate easy and reliable application of waterproofing with layer thickness control function
  • The optimised grid print serves as a cutting and measuring line and significantly simplifies the processing in detail and in the area
  • Superior fleece saturation


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