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Brief Description

WestWood Tack Resin is a bonding agent that is applied between WestWood PMMA waterproofing systems and a wearing layer consisting of mastic asphalt or rolled asphalt


1-component acrylic-polymer solution

RAL colours

WestWood Tack Resin
is available in the following standard colours:



Bridge deck surfacing on concrete with a liquid-resin waterproofing layer in accordance with ZTV-ING (Supplementary Technical Regulations and Guidelines for the Protection and Maintenance of Concrete Components) TL/TP-BEL-B 3 (Technical Delivery Conditions / Test Regulations for Construction Materials used in Bridge Deck Surfacing on Concrete with a Waterproofing Layer) (amended in 1995), as well as waterproofing systems on trafficable concrete surfaces in accordance with DIN 18532-6. WestWood Tack Resin is a bonding agent that increases the strength of the bond between the PMMA waterproofing layer and the wearing layer of mastic asphalt. The use with a wearing and covering layer consisting of rolled asphalt is also possible.


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