Weplus Insulation Adhesive

Insulation Adhesive

Brief Description

Weplus Insulation Adhesive is a high performance, single component polyurethane roofing adhesive, developed specifically for the bonding of rigid insulation boards to a variety of roof decks and vapour control layers. Weplus Insulation Adhesive reacts with moisture resulting in a foaming reaction which then cures forming a permanent, strong bond that withstands both high and low temperatures.


1-component adhesive amber in colour


Weplus Insulation Adhesive
is available in the following standard colours:

amber in colour


Weplus Insulation Adhesive is extremely versatile. It can adhere to a wide range of insulation materials including XPS, EPS, PIR, PUR foil faced, tissue faced and mineral wool. Furthermore, these materials can then be adhered to the wide variety of substrates such as concrete, OSB, plywood, existing asphalt, bituminous systems and more

Properties and advantages

  • Easy to apply
  • Propellant free packaging
  • simple disposal
  • no release of volatile solvents to the atmosphere
  • cold applied
  • strong permanent bond
  • easy application
  • resistance to water, dilute acids, alkalis and aliphatic oils


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