Primer Layer

Ready-to-apply scratch coat in acc. with TL/TP-BEL-EP and H PMMA

Brief Description

Wecryl 131 K is fast-curing, pre-filled and solvent-free scratch coat, tested in the Wecryl H PMMA Sealing System on the basis of the “Technical Delivery Specifications / Technical Test Specifications for Catalyzed Resins for Primers, Sealants and Scratch Coats under Asphalt Surfacing on Concrete”, (TP-BEL-EP) and the additional H PMMA requirements. Wecryl 131 K may be used for the production of waterproofing systems consisting of a welded polymer-bitumen sheet on the PMMA-based Wecryl 130 primer for civil engineering structures.


2-component, fast-curing, catalysed PMMA-based resin (PMMA = polymethyl methacrylate)

RAL colours

Wecryl 131 K - Green
is available in the following standard colours:



The product can be used for new surfacing or existing surfacing that needs to be fully or partially replaced and that is applied to concrete bridge deck slabs, with welded polymer bitumen sheeting as the waterproofing layer. Wecryl 131 K is approved and tested as part of a system in accordance with TL/TP-BEL-EP and H PMMA as well as the compatibility tests in accordance with TL/TP-BEL-B, part 1 and can therefore be applied as bridge deck surfacing on concrete with a welded polymer-bitumen sheeting as waterproofing layer. Approved welded polymer-bitumen sheeting: • BÖRNER OK 50 N – Welded polymer-bitumen sheet • VEDAPONT BE – Welded polymer-bitumen sheet

Properties and advantages

  • Easy to apply
  • Fast-curing
  • Hydrolysis- and alkali-resistant
  • Heat-resistant (welded sheeting, mastic asphalt)
  • Premixed at the factory
  • Solvent-free
  • Can be used at temperatures as low as 0 °C


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