Wecryl 122

Primer, low viscosity

Brief Description

Wecryl 122 is a fast-curing, low-viscosity primer with good penetration properties on mineral substrates. Depending on the substrate (porosity, roughness and penetrating power), two consecutive coats may need to be applied. (The first coat must have hardened fully before any second coat is applied.)


2-component, fast-reactive / fast-curing PMMA-based (polymethyl methacrylate) resin primer

RAL colours

Wecryl 122
is available in the following standard colours:

clear (unpigmented, yellowish tinge)


Wecryl 122 is used as a primer on critical substrates. (Preliminary tests are advisable.) As a primer on high-compaction concrete and screed flooring. On substrates with increased porosity, pinholes and pores. For the stabilisation of sanding surfaces etc.

Properties and advantages

  • Easy and fast application
  • Good binding properties for residual dust control
  • Hydrolysis- and alkali-resistant
  • Fills pores, pinholes and cracks
  • Penetrates into and stabilises the surface


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