Refurbishment of Mühlbacher Klause

Heritage conservation

The ruined castle of Mühlbacher Klause is a roughly rectangular structure with fortified gates in the west and east walls that controlled the road at the narrowing of the river valley. In the past it was used as a fortress and a customs house. The road used to pass through the castle's inner courtyard of the castle, where a toll had to be paid. However, Mühlbacher Klause is more than a mere customs house and witnessed its share of military action. Battles in 1703 (War of the Spanish Succession) and 1809 (Tyrolean rebellion against Bavarian occupation) caused major damage and the castle was left to fall into further disrepair.
Only when a new road that bypassed the castle walls had been constructed and a few dedicated local residents had successfully championed the cause of rebuilding the ruin did restoration work begin in 1978.

The original wall below can be viewed through cased roof lights. In many places the exposed cement-based industrial flooring had crumbled due to weathering. The simple, rapid and reliable - and above all durable - refurbishment method using Wecryl liquid resins was the obvious solution. Once the substrate had been properly prepared, the mastic asphalt was overlaid with a protective waterproofing system - the Wecryl high-build system:

Wecryl 276
Wecryl 230 thix with embedded fleece
Wecryl 233 self-levelling mortar
Weplus quartz sand
Wecryl 288 finish

We would like to thank the waterproofing experts from Iso-Tec OGH for their excellent work.



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