PMMA liquid resin installed above SBB's central power distribution board

The central power distribution station of SBB (Swiss railways) is located below the access road to the container area and the loading ramps.

Due to the absence of waterproofing around gullies, manholes and facade upstands as well as leaks in the asphalt surfacing, water found its way into the power distribution station and the surrounding facilities (corridors, cellars, storage areas) whenever it rained or when the snow melted.

The area had to be waterproofed without digging up and removing the existing asphalt surfacing, while avoiding restricted deliveries and access to the premises. Furthermore the waterproofing and surfacing had to be carried out in accordance with SIA 273 (waterproofing of trafficked areas in building construction) on account daily use by cars and trucks, with the waterproofing of details having to be completed in accordance with SIA 271 (waterproofing of buildings).

The following operations were carried out to guarantee a lasting and reliable waterproofing system:

• Waterproofing of details for all installations in the asphalt surfacing and upstands on structural
• Anticapillary joints around the edges of the asphalt surfacing
• Waterproofing of main area with surfacing

The following thermoplastic and elasticised PMMA products were used:

• Waterproofing of details: Wecryl 230 / R 230 thix with embedded fleece
• Asphalt substitute: Wecryl 242 Mortar and Surfacer
• Wearing layer: Wecryl 420 Rolled Surfacing


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