Cellar waterproofing

with the Weproof system

Luxury houses currently under construction offer future owners a superb view of Lake Zug. However, the hillside location also means an increased risk of water running off the slope and into the the cellars.

Rascor, our partner and the contractor chosen for this development, decided to waterproof some cellar areas with the two-layer Weproof system. Because of the time pressure on completion of the interior, a fast-curing waterproofing system was called for so that the walls could subsequently be plastered without delay.

All the floors and wall bases were primed with Wecryl 298. The areas were the floors meet the concrete walls were waterproofed with Weproof 354 and a reinforcement fleece. Afterwards Weproof 354 (red), without a fleece, was applied to the entire area, followed by a coat of Weproof 359 (green).

Just 30 minutes or so later, when the surfaces had hardened fully, the subcontractors moved in and were able to use the floor space without any restriction.

Our partner Rascor is a company that specialises in the design and engineering of applied waterproofing systems.


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