Heavy-duty industrial flooring for an egg production unit

Industrial flooring for the new egg farm in Emmental:


A new home for 12,000 laying hens is being built at a beautiful location in the hills above Konolfingen. The Flexobau industrial flooring plays a key part in the packing station: it is durable, heavy-duty,…

Waterproofing and surfacing at the highest level

An ingenious project


Die Abdichtung & Beschichtung für die neue Aussichtsplattform wird gewährleistet mit PMMA-Flüssigkunststoffen aus dem Hause WestWood


Skywalk viewing platform, Schilthorn

Waterproofing and surfacing


The waterproofing and surfacing on the new Skywalk viewing platform will be installed by our customer Flexobau in the next few days.

With just…

Stage design featuring PMMA

Lake Thun Festival 2014


Every year Thuner Seespiele AG, the company that organises the festival, surprises us with an innovative stage set. Stage designer Karel Spanhak had planned something very special for "AIDA - the…

Refurbishment of Mühlbacher Klause

Heritage conservation


The ruined castle of Mühlbacher Klause is a roughly rectangular structure with fortified gates in the west and east walls that controlled the road at the narrowing of the river valley. In the…

Dilatation joints and entrance area

Apartment house in Lausanne


The entrance area of an apartment house in Lausanne was showing signs of damage and leaks, the expansion joints had cracked and the general appearance was no longer inviting.

As a result the entrance…

Cellar waterproofing

with the Weproof system


Luxury houses currently under construction offer future owners a superb view of Lake Zug. However, the hillside location also means an increased risk of water running off the slope and into the the cellars.Rascor,…

PMMA liquid resin installed above SBB's central power distribution board


The central power distribution station of SBB (Swiss railways) is located below the access road to the container area and the loading ramps.

Due to the absence of waterproofing around gullies, manholes…

Specific requirements demand innovative solutions

Production plant


At Blattmann Schweiz AG production runs continuously - 24/7. Any process interruptions and downtimes require careful and precise planning. When a production machine had to be replaced, the flooring on the supporting…

Kitchen refurbishment with PMMA


The kitchen drainage system at Warth Catering needed to be refurbished within 12 hours so that the kitchen could be fully operational again by the following day. Once the epoxy resin surfacing had been removed, the slabs…

Waterproofing of a sprinkler reservoir

with polymethyl methacrylate


This sprinkler reservoir was coated with a seamless and fleece-reinforced PMMA-based waterproofing system. After thorough preparation of the substrate the sprinkler reservoir was coated with Wecryl 276 Primer,…

Refurbishing the flooring at the headquarters of a racing team

with Wecryl high-build system


The flooring of SSC "Pedrazza Racing Cars" in Hard, Austria, was yesterday refurbished by contractors Vonbank in cooperation with Rhenus. The old, cracked and delaminated epoxy coating was…


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