Weplus 251 Vapour Release Mesh

Composite material based on polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)

Weplus 251 Vapour Release Mesh is a prefabricated, compression‐resistant mesh for use on cementitious substrates. The mesh is bonded to the substrate. The special design of the mesh, featuring an even cavity structure, allows it to absorb the water vapour released by the substructure and remove this safely via outlets at the edges. When used as part of a system consisting of WestWood waterproofing products, it allows a high‐quality, load‐bearing and
reliable waterproofing layer to be installed.

Weplus 251 Vapour Release Mesh is used on mineral substrates. The system is
designed to avoid problems associated with vapour pressure and moisture,
such as blistering and osmotic damage in the surfacing / waterproofing. The
complete removal of the moist substructure can be avoided by installing the
Weplus 251 system. This load‐bearing system is used predominantly for
balconies and terraces.

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Weplus 251 Vapour Release Mesh
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