Primer on damp mineral substrates

Wecryl 124 Primer

"When substrate moisture does not present a problem." Damp or even wet substrates will often cause enormous disruption to the planned progress of construction work. There may not be sufficient time to allow the substrate to dry out naturally. If systems are used that are designed for dry substrates and that are unable to cope with moist conditions, then the construction is at risk and damage can occur.

We have responded to the need for a dependable solution to coat damp mineral substrates and are delighted to present an innovation developed by WestWood.

Wecryl 124 is used as a primer on damp mineral substrates. The product creates a reliable capillary barrier against rising damp and is generally used where there is increased residual moisture in the substrate. In fact, there is no limit on the moisture content of the substrate. The only requirement is that there is no standing water.

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