Top deck of a multi-storey car park

Refurbishment of 1,600 m² of mastic asphalt

Coatings made from flexible PMMA resins provide waterproofing and a wearing course in one. Their chemical composition is flexible, they are free from plasticisers and therefore possess long-term flexibility and resilience. Abrasion and wear are minimal. In addition, PMMA-based waterproofing and surfacing systems have a high resistance to salts. They deliver very high hydrolysis-resistance and are also easy to clean. Another advantage offered by modern polymethyl methacrylates is that they are fast-curing and can therefore be overcoated rapidly, which also means that the area is soon back in operation.

These benefits also proved decisive for renovating the top deck of the Goethe School in Neu-Isenburg. The top deck of the multi-storey car park had to be refurbished because the asphalt had started to leak and the parking area was being redesigned.

To ensure a lasting and reliable waterproofing system, the following products were used:
• Primer: Wecryl 222
• Waterproofing of details: Weproof RR 354 with embedded fleece
• Waterproofing of main area: Weproof RR 359
• Protective layer: Wecryl RS 527, self-levelling mortar
• Wearing layer: Wecryl Textured Surfacing RAL 7043

WestWood would like to thank all those involved for their excellent workmanship.

We are also pleased to provide extensive advice for new building projects or the refurbishment of your multi-storey car park.


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