Refurbishment of an access ramp using CTW Cryl Rolled Surfacing

Completed access ramp with CTW Cryl Rolled Surfacing in RAL 9017 Traffic Black

Asphalt surfaces often cease to meet the owners' aesthetic requirements. The changes in the weather, road salts and wear from tyres will damage the surface over time. When it comes to slopes, the lack of skid resistance represents a potential danger.

The access ramp of approx. 60 m2 used by a private owner in Immensee was completely refurbished on a sunny morning.
After the ramp had been cleaned the previous day, areas of minor damage were reprofiled with a mixture of CTW Cryl Rolled Surfacing and quartz sand
The Rolled Surfacing does not require primer to applied to an asphalt substrate. Approx. 10 % of quartz sand was added to the standard mix. This allows the non-skid properties to be further improved to take account of the shaded location and slope of the ramp.

Original condition of access ramp to garage / The Rolled Surfacing is applied with a trowel and then spread with a roller

The CTW Cryl Rolled Surfacing was applied with a trowel and then spread over the asphalt surface with a roller, working in a criss-cross pattern. After just a few hours the ramp was back in operation, which meant that the owners were able to park their car in the garage on the same day.


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