Refurbishment of a garage access ramp

We encountered waterproofing problems when we were renovating a garage access ramp, together with a definite counter-slope towards the building. 

Since the access ramp was used by trucks, a thin layer was not suitable. 

We asked WestWood for advice. When visiting our site, the company was able to find a solution that did not require our client to make alterations to the building itself. Furthermore, the work was carried out in just a single day, which meant that the garage was very quickly back in use.  

- Application of Wecryl Primer 298 to concrete

- Application of equalising layer away from the building with Wecryl Mortar 242

- Wecryl 235 as Waterproofing layer

- Wecryl 410 Textured Coating, surfacing suitable for heavy traffic (trucks)

Particularly as we had never used Wecryl mortar 242 before, we could rely on the rapid response to our questions and on technical on-site support while the work was being carried out.

We would like to thank WestWood for the company's excellent cooperation throughout the project, which meant that we were able to meet our client's requirements.

Schwitzguébel Team SA


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