Underground garage refurbished with liquid PMMA resin

In Mannheim


Wecryl 410 textured surfacing is a highly abrasion-resistant, non-skid coating that was specifically developed for areas subject to heavy-duty vehicular traffic, such as the straight and spiral ramps encountered…

Heated ramp

heating integrated in thin-bed PMMA resin


There were two important reasons for replacing the faulty ramp heating with "heating integrated in thin-bed PMMA resin".

1. The time-intensive and expensive removal of the existing surfacing…

Garage floor surfacing

in a single-family detached house


Beautiful workmanship by our customer, AGF,

The highly compact hard concrete substrate was pre-treated with Wecryl 121 Base Primer.…

Garage refurbished with Wecryl 420 Rolled Surfacing


Wecryl Rolled Surfacing is a 2-component, fast-reactive, flexibilised, pigmented and filled PMMA-based product. The surfacing possesses excellent abrasion resistance and anti-skid properties,…

Top deck of a multi-storey car park

Refurbishment of 1,600 m² of mastic asphalt


Coatings made from flexible PMMA resins provide waterproofing and a wearing course in one. Their chemical composition is flexible, they are free from plasticisers and therefore possess long-term…

Refurbishment of an access ramp using CTW Cryl Rolled Surfacing


Completed access ramp with CTW Cryl Rolled Surfacing in RAL 9017 Traffic BlackAsphalt surfaces often cease…

Refurbishing a garage with PMMA


PMMA resins can be used for the efficient refurbishment of buildings. The coatings possess a high level of resistance to moisture and salts and prevent oil from attacking a conventional concrete…

Refurbishment of a garage access ramp


We encountered waterproofing problems when we were renovating a garage access ramp, together with a definite counter-slope towards the building. 

Since the access ramp was used by trucks, a…

Overnight refurbishment of the entrance and exit ramps

including underfloor heating


The existing surfacing of the entrance and exit ramps for the Migros shopping centre in Grenchen had started to break up, the waterproofing was damaged and leaking. The exterior underfloor…


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