Waterproofing a balustrade construction

with liquid resins

In the flats on the top floor of this residential and commercial building there were some isolated damp patches on the soffits next to the external wall. Consequently the entire terrace of the penthouse apartments was re-waterproofed by a roofing company. Unfortunately the refurbishment measures turned out to be less successful than expected and there was still a leak. Only then did it emerge that the balustrade construction itself was not watertight. And so the company brought in at that stage was Baupartner AG. These waterproofing experts sealed the base areas around the balustrades using PMMA liquid resin.

Sequence of operations:

  1. All the existing joint filler was removed, the surface abraded, the crust of the cement coating removed and the edge capping roughened with a ZEC disc.  
  2. Various holes and cracks were made good with Wecryl 810 filler.
  3. The entire border area was primed with Wecryl 298.
  4. Wecryl 230 thix was applied as a waterproofing layer and this was also reinforced with an embedded fleece around the upstands.
  5. Wecryl 288 was applied as a sealer and colour finish in a shade of white (RAL 9001).

The result is really impressive! Many thanks for the beautiful workmanship!




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