Full PMMA Waterproofing System with fantastic Tile Effect


Completed Balcony Project by WestWood Approved Contractors

Why spend energy and money on installing a separate tiled finish

when our liquid…

Entrance step refurbished with liquid PMMA resin

Apartment building in Erfurt


The entrance step to this apartment building in Erfurt showed signs of severe weather damage. By using fast-curing liquid PMMA resins it was possible to refurbish the entrance step in a single…

Facade interfaces with liquid resins


The door and window interfaces were integrated in the facade with Wecryl 230 thix and the facade edge was joined to the water-impermeable base and waterproofed. Weseal 815 fibre surfacer was used…

Waterproofing a balustrade construction

with liquid resins


In the flats on the top floor of this residential and commercial building there were some isolated damp patches on the soffits next to the external wall. Consequently the entire terrace of…

Liquid resin surfacing for balconies

Before - After


The weather had caused considerable damage to the 15 m² balcony in Délémont. A high-grade and permanent waterproofing system was applied to the balcony in just six steps:

  • The correct substrate…
  • Balcony surfacing without fleece reinforcement

    with the Weproof system


    The 17 m² balcony in Payerne was having a facelift and being surfaced with a permanent waterproofing system. The existing tiles were abraded and prepared for the application of the waterproofing…

    The perfect waterproofing for conservatories

    with PMMA liquid resin


    A wide variety of substrates and complex geometries that have to be connected with permanently waterproof joints are the requirements for the waterproofing of conservatories.The transition zones on the floor,…

    Waterproofing of door and wall upstands

    with Wecryl R 230 thix


    The student halls recently opened in Landau, Germany, provides accommodation for 256 students spread over 4 residences.

    Refurbishing balconies with Wecryl liquid resins


    This balcony was waterproofed and refurbished with PMMA resins for long-term and effective protection against exposure to inclement weather conditions and mechanical stress.Wecryl 121 was applied…

    PMMA waterproofing for balconies to preserve the building fabric


    This balcony was waterproofed with liquid PMMA resins. The following operations were carried out to guarantee a perfectly waterproof surface:

    • Substrate preparation: Abrade…

    Vapour Release Mesh

    Balcony refurbishment with Weplus 251


    In Zurich this balcony that is well past its prime was refurbished with Wecryl products. Thanks to the Weplus 251 Vapour Release Mesh the damp substructure did not have to be removed completely. The special build-up of this…

    Resplendent new look for balcony

    Super-fast refurbishment thanks to PMMA


    This tired balcony was refurbished with PMMA. Thanks to the fast-curing liquid resin, it was possible to carry out this cost-effective improvement. Instead of removing the existing concrete slabs, the projecting…

    Weproof used for waterproofing a terrace on concrete


    The Weproof series consists of rapid-curing, polymethyl methacrylate-based products. They cover a wide range of applications and include our most recent developments. Furthermore, they do not require fleece reinforcement.…

    Rapid balcony and roof refurbishment

    at the German Embassy, London


    Belgrave Square is a famous address not far from Buckingham Palace and Victoria Station. The façades of the embassies there all look very similar and not only impress tourists, but are also imposing…

    Stairways refurbished with PMMA

    Parking City West


    The stairway of the City West multi-storey car park was refurbished with Wecryl liquid resin. The refurbishment had to meet the following requirements:

    • Non-slip treads
    • Seamless…


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