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New-build application

Anything that works for refurbishment projects can also be used for new developments.
Many producers of constructions made from water-impermeable concrete (WI concrete) play absolutely safe when it comes to waterproofing all the relevant joints and opt for liquid waterproofing based on fastcuring PMMA resins.

Hygienic and resistant

Industrial kitchens demand an extremely high standard for their interior work. The kitchen floor must be waterproof, seamless, hygienic, non-slip, resistant to hot water and oil, attractive and easy to clean. In this context it is vital that the upstands and edges of the waterproofing system on and around drains, drainage channels, surrounds and penetrations are watertight. It takes a high level of professional skill in terms of technology, material and system selection and workmanship to produce such quality.

Seamless and flexible waterproofing

Movements in the substrate can be bridged safely, thanks to the high elasticity of PMMA. The waterproofing, which is applied wet in wet, also provides a seamless coating that can accommodate individual designs. Seamless means without joints – and fewer joints mean better hygiene. A flexible and crack-bridging waterproofing system is essential for a joint-free system.


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