Thun lake stage 2013

Thun, Switzerland

Brief Description

Not only the cloakrooms, but also all the technical facilities that control the lights and sound effects for the musicals, are located underneath the lake stage. Consequently the principal requirement was a waterproof and rainproof stage that protects the technical equipment and the cloakrooms below. The stage also has to provide the actors with a non-slip and non-reflecting surface. OSB boards form the substrate for the large lake stage. The skilled workers from Bauimpuls AG applied Wecryl 222 Primer to the area as temporary waterproofing. All details and the joints between the OSB boards were seamlessly incorporated and waterproofed. A water basin covering an area of 280 m² was given a black finish with Wecryl 420 roller-applied coating. The green spaces of Gülle, the town featuring in the musical, were finished with Wecryl 420 roller-applied coating in RAL 6032 - green - to create the right atmosphere and a subtle backdrop. The Bauimpuls operators demonstrated their professionalism by creating a perfect stage design for the open-air theatre - and in record time. 1. The joints between the OSB boards are covered with masking tape and the sections of fleece are cut to size. 2. The OSB board joints are seamlessly incorporated in the waterproofing system. 3. The many details and upstands are waterproofed. Thun\\\'s lake stage


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