Production Plant

Wädenswil, Switzerland

Brief Description

At Blattmann Schweiz AG production runs continuously - 24/7. Any process interruptions and downtimes require careful and precise planning. When a production machine had to be replaced, the flooring on the supporting base was also due for refurbishment. A window of just 72 hours was available for the following work to be carried out: disassembly of the faulty machine, removal of the worn surfacing incl. drainage channel and gully, building the new foundation units and concreting in of the new inspection chamber, application of waterproofing and surfacing, as well as assembling and commissioning the new plant. The various jobs to be carried out by the electricians, mechanics, pneumatic engineers, bricklayers and surfacers and the associated linkages had to be managed and coordinated. When it came to the surfacing work, the developer was immediately persuaded by the clear advantages offered by Wecryl liquid resins. Wecryl 124 Primer provides a barrier against the wet substrates and creates a coupling layer between the substrate and the subsequent waterproofing. It was only thanks to the fast-curing PMMA resins used here that this type of waterproofing and resurfacing could be carried out within such a narrow time frame. The concept for the materials and associated work was designed specifically for these particular application conditions and performance requirements, there by helping to make this rather unusual project a success.


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