Pall Mall Court

Manchester, UK

Brief Description

The 525m2 of roof area only had one functioning outlet. As the offices below were tenanted there was limited possibility to install additional outlets, so ponding water was a real issue. Operatives had to clear the roof area daily after overnight rain, sometimes taking up until 1.30pm. Operatives formed timber dams sealed in with felt to divert water as much as possible whilst carrying out works to certain ponding areas. A rapid curing product was essential as the risk of any new membrane being subjected to standing water was high. Having spent a large portion of time drying the roof, the rapid curing properties of Wecryl products meant areas could be completed fully within the remainder of the day. Wecryl products are showerproof in around 15 minutes, so they are ideal for inclement weather or where water is likely to gather. Wecryl 230 waterproofing is also accredited for use where ponding water is likely.


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