Entrance to Multi-Storey Kraus

Heidelberg, Germany

Brief Description

The Kraus (P6) multi-storey car park is located in the city centre of Heidelberg. Since 1981 it has provided approx. 220 parking spaces on three levels. In 2013, after more than two decades of constant use, the new entrance and exit area received a new surface protection system supplied by WestWood. The Weproof Structural Waterproofing System (with abP, i.e. general building inspectorate test certificate) was chosen for this project. Wecryl 276 Primer, a product specially designed for absorbent substrates, was applied first. Next came the fleece-reinforced waterproofing, which was applied to an area of approx. 500 m2 as follows: An initial layer of Weproof 354 Flex Coat was applied, the fleece embedded and any air inclusions removed, then saturated with another layer of the same resin. Weproof 359 Fixing Coat was applied on top. Wecryl 410 Textured Surfacing ensures that the traffic lanes and kerbs provide a lasting and superior grip.


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