Heavy duty · Crack-bridging · Resistant

Repairs carried out without closure

Modern PMMA resins are fully cured within 30 minutes and can be coated
and/or are ready again for use in a flash. Consequently ramps can be refurbished in just a few hours. Entrances and exits can be repaired overnight. Weather conditions are only of secondary importance. The PMMA systems can be installed even at low temperatures and high humidity.


Coatings made from flexible PMMA resins are waterproofing and road surfacing in one. They
are only approx. 2 – 5 mm thick and weigh only approx. 5 – 8 kg/m2, and they can almost always be applied to existing surfacing, such as concrete and asphalt. There are no removal costs and the multi-storey car park can be kept open!

Flexible and resistant

Due to their chemical structure, PMMA resins are flexible and plasticiser-free. As
a result they remain permanently elastic and extensible. Abrasion and wear are minimal. PMMA resins are able to withstand the toughest conditions. In addition, PMMA-based waterproofing and surfacing systems have a high resistance to salts. They possess very high hydrolysis-resistance and are also easy to clean.


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